Vidiam is a CARAPACE PROJECT product.
Contemporary scientific and technological research are changing the way man relates to his body. Synthetic biology, advanced prosthetics, biohacking let imagine future scenarios of physical transformation and redefinition, aesthetic and performative.
In this direction, Carapace is a possible evolution of the human body in which rigid elements similar to crustaceans’ and insects’ exoscheletons integrate and transform sensory districts: eyes, ears, nose, mouth. The masks collection Carapace is inspired by this vision: fossiles of a possible future, once worn these objects blur the limit between natural extension and artificial prosthesis.


Audiam is a Latin word meaning ‘I will hear’.
Audiam mask is the fossile of a hearing’s area evolution. The brain’s occipital lobe, seat of the sight sense, expands itself transforming its relationship with the ear and the hearing sense, defining a new condition of hyperconnectivity.
The Carapace pattern is inspired by the microstructure of crustaceans’ and insects’ exoscheletons. Biodigitally grown through a generative simulation, it differentiates objects’ areas allowing to modulate their structure, stiffness, permeability. The Carapace pattern was evolved by MHOX in 2014: carapace pattern.

02_mhox_audiam 03_mhox_audiam

The Carapace Masks collection includes two product lines: Mater masks, Replica masks.
Mater is the high end line. Customized on the 3d face scan of the wearer, these masks are produced as single pieces through CRP Technology‘s additive manufacturing and Windform materials.


The Windform materials are characterized by their mechanical features. Windform LX 2.0 and Windform GThave been chosen to produce this top level face mask for their features: polyamide-based materials reinforced with glass fibers. Free-form design, custom-made solutions and the ability to build superior face masks can be obtained by using the combination of additive manufacturing and Windform materials.

04_mhox_audiam 05_mhox_audiam 06_mhox_audiam

With Replica you enter the Carapace experience. These masks are standard fit and 3d printed in nylon. The white and translucent material recalls a fetal stadium in the individual’s growth.

07_mhox_audiam 08_mhox_audiam 09_mhox_audiam

CARAPACE PROJECT – all artistic, intellectual and commercial rights
CARAPACE PROJECT is a deep future brand generated by MHOX
CRP Technology / Windform materials – Carapace Mater line production and R&D support


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