On April 9th in Milan, MHOX and ENTD | digital design for innovation joined “Drink to eat design project”, a special event created by ALMA | Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana in collaboration with MARTINI. It was a great opportunity to test the combination of sensations visualization technologies and cooking and tasting experiences.

drink to eat neurovisuals mhox 01
The event focused on the visual design of cocktails and their creation by the participants. Thanks to the kindest cooperation of ALMA, represented there by Chef Cristian Broglia and Event Manager Eliana Mennillo, we were allowed to put the sensors on the participants heads, real-time visualizing and registering their feelings during the performance.

drink to eat neurovisuals mhox 03
The event proved the interest of a reinterpretation of meaningful experiences, such as preparing a cocktail, inventing new tastes, through a real-time analysis and spectacularization of the sensations’ streams. We explored the idea of adding a layer of experience based on synaesthesia, meaning the opportunity of translating a media into another: sensation in color, smell in shape, taste in sound.

drink to eat neurovisuals mhox 03

drink to eat neurovisuals 04

drink to eat neurovisuals 05
We look forward to a design development that let people not only visualize their feelings, but get a more structured feedback, transforming their experiences by grafting sensations visualization technologies and design.
The action was possible for the project management of ENTD. It is based on the research on generative design and BCI (brain-computer interface) led by MHOX with the support of Co-de-iT | Computational Design Italy.


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